Deal Memo


“About cooperation on creating the Association of leading film schools”



1.1. In order of international cooperation and cultural exchange between young cinematographers of Eurasia, where they equally be presented from Europe, Asia and CIS countries in purpose of developing potential opportunities in process of implementation by Parties their activities. Interaction between parties in order to improve the educational process and teaching methods, also mutual beneficial use of intellectual and creative resources of the Parties. The parties agreed to combine their efforts to create mutually beneficial association of leading film schools.


2.1. “Association of leading film schools” (further – Association) – nonprofit organization, created for solving aims and objectives defined by this Memorandum. Main purpose of Association  is not earning money and not sharing incoming money between the parties.

2.2. The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the Law “About Nonprofit organizations” and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in accordance with this Memorandum.

2.3. The Association is a legal entity which owns or has their own property. Association is responsible for its own obligations and can purchase property rights and bear duties from his own behalf.

2.4. Association creates for unlimited time.

2.5. The number of members of the Association is unlimited.


3.1. The main purpose of the establishment and operations of the Association is an international collaborations and cultural exchange between young cinematographers, facilitating resolution of problems arising in the field of cinematography, by improving the legislative and regulatory – legal framework conducive to the development of film industry. “Association of leading film schools ” is created through the consolidation of active participants in film industry joint effort to achieve common goals. The main objectives of Association are promoting film industry of the Republic and raising international cooperation and cultural exchange between young cinematographers of Eurasia, where they will equally presented films from Europe, Asia and CIS countries.

3.2. “Association of leading film schools” is the biggest cooperation of active participants.

3.2.1. generalization of the experience of professional activities of the Association;
3.2.2. organization of seminars, scientific – practical conferences and business meetings for members of the Association, which serve, share and exchange experience in high-level specialists – professionals;
3.2.3. participation in city and regional socio – cultural and economic programs in the field of cinematography and film industry;

3.3. The Association has the following objectives and activities:

3.3.1.  Generalization of professional experience activities of the members of Association.

3.3.2 Organization of seminars, scientific – practical conferences and business meetings for members of the Association.

3.3.3. Participation in city and regional social, cultural and economic programs in the field of cinematography and film industry;

3.3.4. Cooperation with similar associations in Kazakhstan and foreign countries, participation in domestic and international exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences and master – classes and other activities. Assistance each other in establishing business relations with partners.

3.3.5. Cooperation with the scientific – research institutes and universities in conducting scientific-practical conferences, studying and implementing best cinematography industries practices.
– Any other actions that not prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan

3.3.6. Association to achieve its own objectives and execution of its tasks has the rights to:

3.3.7. On territory of Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad organizing economics and organizational scientifically activities.

3.3.8. Within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, in the prescribed manner, business contacts with agencies, organizations and companies, as well as their representatives on matters within the competence of the Association;
3.3.9. Developing scientific and scientific – technical cooperation with foreign partners;
3.3.10. Participating and organization special exhibitions, symposiums, cultural events and publishing advertising material, etc.;

Enjoy other rights provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;


4.1. Association is open to new members. Legal entities those are able to contribute to realizing the objectives of the Association may become Association member.


5.1. Financial and other terms and conditions and duration of activities will be coordinated through mutual consultations between the Parties, followed by the conclusion of separate agreements, which records all financial and legal rights and obligations of the Parties.


6.1. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved exclusively through negotiations with a view to a mutually acceptable solution.


 7.1. All notices, notifications, suggestions and other documents Parties should send via land mail, fax or by courier.


8.1. By agreement of the Parties to the Memorandum may be amended, which are considered valid if they are in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the Parties. Any changes or additions, as well as the annex to this memorandum, drawn up in the future, the Parties will be its inalienable and integral parts.

8.2.  The present Memorandum comes into force after signing by the authorized representatives of both parties.

8.3. This Memorandum may be terminated by mutual consent by signing a separate agreement to its dissolution. Cancellation of of the Memorandum is also permitted to unilaterally out of court, with the dissolution of the initiator sends a written notice of intention to terminate the Memorandum of thirty (30) calendar days before the date of his alleged termination.

8.4. Neither Party has the right to assign its rights and obligations under this Memorandum to any third party without the written consent of the other side.

8.5. In all other cases not provided for in this Memorandum the Parties shall follow the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

8.6. This Contract is signed in two originals of equal legal force, one copy for each party.All originals being equally authentic.