About association

The International association of film schools helps students to shape experience, serve internship in the USA, Russia, Turkey and other countries and to win awards at prestigious film festivals.

Today the Association, created for the purpose of expansion of the international cooperation and cultural exchange between young cinematographers of the world includes 33 international film schools. It was founded at the first international film festival Bastau and included the Kazakh national academy of arts (KazNAA) named after T. Zhurgenov, the VGIK namedafter S. Gerasimov (Russia), University of arts Mimar Sinan (Turkey), the Azerbaijani and Yerevan state institutes of theater and cinema, the Kyrgyz-Turkish university “Manas”, the Belarusian state academy of arts, the New York film school.

Association is a good working tool that helps students serve internship and visit film festivals.

“This festival is young, but it gains ground every year, and it’s not only about the number of participants, but also by quantity of curious subjects, interesting creative talk. It is very useful and important for creative youth around the world. We should help them to get on feet. For this purpose we created the Association. It is the tool to faster help each other, without bureaucracy”, – said Vladimir Malyshev, the rector of the VGIK (All Russia State Institute of Cinematography) named after S. Gerassimov.