The boy suffers from loneliness within the family. One day, from his father, a laboratory assistant, he learns the structure and purpose of an incubator and decides that a home microwave works on a similar principle: from a chicken egg and the DNA of his parents, he grows himself a brother who will always be there. But he soon realizes that he is not ready to share parental attention, and impulsively breaks the egg in which his brother allegedly grew up. Faith in the success of his experiment plays a cruel joke on him: now he is sure that he committed murder.

Kazakhstan, 2023, 22 min

Production: Turan Film Academy

Language: Russian

Format: DCP

Scriptwriter: Yana Bushmina

Director:   Yana Bushmina

DoP: Kamila Makat

Production Design: Ayana Nurdinova

Cast: Demian Dmitrienko, Anastasiya Naizabekova, Stanislav Petrenko