Hostages of war

Kazakhstan was a place of exile for prisoners of war, deportees, and
“enemies of Stalinism”, “dissidents” and “cosmopolites”. There were soldiers of
the II World War among the prisoners, including: the Japanese, Germans, French,
Spanish, Hungarians, Polish, Jews,Turks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and many more.
Political prisoners, intellectuals, doctors, scientists, engineers, writers, thieves and
bandis got to the “Ossoblag” (“Special Camp”) which led to internal strife in the
Yuchi Harada conflicts with the brutal reality of the post-war era in the
“Ossoblag”. The camp becomes a test site for him.
A Kazakh Akazhan Dosekeyev, a Soviet officer, war hero is sent to the
same camp on the charge of treacherous action. The officer accepts the challenge
with dignity and believes that he will be acquitted and returned the merits of
Homeland defender from the Nazi invaders.
Our heroes show a friendly face and humanity, and each will walk his path
with dignity and own belief in this story.
Having lost everything but hope, they both, the Japanese and Kazakh, come
to understand the overwhelming pointlessness of the war and decide to struggle
together for their freedom, even at the expense of their lives.
Only in 1954 Yuchi got out of jail, but he was not allowed to leave for Japan,
his name was not in any military list.
Genre: Military drama. Action.
Languages: Kazakh, Japanese, Russian and other
Location: Kazakhstan
The Film company “Astanatelefilm” by the order of JSC “Kazakhfilm” named
after Shaken Aimanov, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of
Runtime- 113 minutes. Color. DOLBY 5.1