Anat, 39, is a social worker who’s been roped into the annual Welfare Office getaway. Great timing—it clashes with her ongoing divorce that hijacked her social life, handing it over to her ex. The trip, hyped up to be the ultimate bonding experience, feels more like a parade of awkwardness for Anat. She’s mentally checked out, counting down to escape, until she lands next to Meirav. Meirav, 41, a social worker from another department.

Israel, 2023, 18 min

Production: University of Tel Aviv – The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television

Language: Hebrew

Format: DCP

Scriptwriter:  Ori Chaya Klier 

Director:  Ori Chaya Klier

Producer: Yahel Kabiri

Cast: Rotem Sharvit Weissberg, Efrat Arnon, Ruth Landau