Galina Petrovna

For several years now, Galina Petrovna has not left her house in Mayevka Village near Bishkek. There is a cozy blue house with fish garland in which a lonely grandma Galina tells us a story about her ghostly husband who died fifteen years ago. Every day she takes care of the house and even runs a small business. She sells chicken eggs and does laundry for some of her neighbors in her own washing machine. In a house full of pets, Galina Petrovna tells us about her alcoholic husband, pain and a new life after his death.

Kyrgyzstan, 2023, 17 min

Production: American University of Central Asia (AUCA)

Language: Russian

Format: DCP

Scriptwriter:  Nikita Lovetsky

Director:  Nikita Lovetsky

DoP: Nikita Lovetsky, Valeria Radchenko

Cast: Galina Kushnikova