The young director Ilyas is a real fan of his work. He spends his days and nights sitting at his desk and writing a script, forgetting that he has a young wife. Since Ilyas is unemployed, Maryam works for two. She, like all women, wants attention and love, which Ilyas has not given for a considerable time. Disappointed Maryam began to linger at work, go to the theater with old friends, because of this Ilyas begins to suspect Maryam of treason. Based on all this, they have a conflict, will they be able to solve this problem peacefully?

Kazakhstan, 2023, 13 min

Production: Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov 

Language: Russian

Format: DCP

Scriptwriter:  Dias Aidynov 

Director:  Dias Aidynov

DoP: Bagzhan Zhazyqbay

Producer: Bogdan Morozov

Cast: Lina