The Communist Party of Gori has been fighting for the restoration of the monument to Stalin for many years. In fact, in the subconscious of the “patriots” the dream of restoration of the USSR lives, a state that was “feared and therefore respected throughout the world”. The film shows how the life and work of this aging communist unit contains features of both – the past and the future – empty rhetoric, bureaucracy, fraud, aggressive disrespect for other opinions and other people’s rights.

Georgia, 2022, 94 min.

Production:  Nikadocfilm 

Language: Georgian

Format:  DCP

Scriptwriters: Nikoloz Bezhanishvili, Dragos Apetri

Director: Nikoloz Bezhanishvili

DoP: Nikoloz Bezhanishvili

Producer: Nikoloz Bezhanishvili

Cast: the members of the Communist Party of Gori