The longest day of the summer

The longest day of the summer

The film tells a story of a middle-aged man who had endured a traumatic incident in his childhood. By protecting his grandfather from the attack of a drunken villager he, then a 10 year old boy, has to kill the aggressor. The event takes place in a lonely shepherds house far away from prying eyes, so the grandfather manages to hide the murder. After a vain search by the local authorities, the disappearance of the drunkard brawler is quickly forgotten. However, the mystery becomes a big burden for the grown-up boy, who, after the death of his grandfather, is left alone with it. And even twenty years later, having become an exemplary husband and father, he still doubts the deed and decides to return with his family to the same village to visit his mother. While there he remembers his grandfather and that long summer day. History has a way of telling that the lesser of evils has the ability to turn into something larger over time. You can escape the law but never you own self.

Country: Kazakhstan

Date: 2021

Runtime: 29 min.

Production: Kazakhfilm    

Language: Kazakh, Russian 

Writer:  Turganzhan Kassymov, Azamat Bukeshov

Director:  Azamat Bukeshov