Saint Android

Saint Android

Taking care of someone, giving guidance to a grieving soul or just being there when someone dies are very human things to do. Weather we just stay with someone in silence or instinctively know how to react in these extreme situations, our intuition and empathy are the incredible tools we have.
But in modern health care systems everything that can’t be measured is considered worthless. Spending the right amount of time with someone is not predictable and is a very personal thing. But still management often tries to put it in protocols. What if these protocols aren’t just executed by humans, who can at least empathize, but by a robot? Even worse, a religious robot.
Religions are directed at the soul directly – something a machine lacks. But religions also have their protocols and rituals. Some believers also praise them above humanity and even consider the human side as something evil. Put them together and you get the St. Android – an advanced bad idea.
In this film we want to show the value of human empathy by creating a situation where it is needed but missing completely.

Country: Germany

Date: 2021

Runtime: 6 min.

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Language: English

Writer:  Fabien Virayle

Director: Lukas Von Berg

Music composer: Leonard Küßner

Animation: Lukas Von Berg

Producer: Oliver Krause

Cast: David Steffen, Cristopher Karatsonyi, Kristi James