Family is a sacred place. Anyone who doesn’t treasure it will eventually lose it. The film shows the story the lives of family members who could not understand each other and now live separately. All members of your family are imperfect. Although the wheel of fate has scatter them to different addresses, but they are waiting and want this family reunion. The film shows an effort of Islam, a photographer to rebuild a destroyed family. Islam is looking for a real work of art from life. From buildings, nature and various things, but he can’t find. And he goes to each of his family members and takes pictures of them. And he understands that the most beautiful art in the world is family.

Country of production: Uzbekistan

Date: 2022

Runtime: 19:59

Production:  Oshlik

Language (s): Uzbek 

Information about the crew (position, first name, last name)

Scriptwriter: Husnullo Jomonqulov

Director: Dilshodbek Usmonov

DoP: Ziyovuddinov Kamoliddin