The Exile of the sea

The Exile of the sea

El exilio del Mar (the exile of the sea) based on a true story, is the story of Johana a Colombian who must move from her homeland and is forced by violence to have to change her life, habits, leave everything back to look for a future, a hope, in its history we want to reflect the millions who fight every day to get ahead According to United Nations estimates, the number of international migrants worldwide has increased over the last twenty years, reaching 281 million in 2020. This is a story that seeks to create empathy for those who have the courage to change everything to seek a chance to survive.

Writer Dolores Belmonte, Mauricio Brunetti

Director: Mauricio Brunetti

Director of Photography: Javier Sánchez Carreño

Producer: Dayana Bermúdez Cortes

Cast: Rodrigo Molina