The Chords of south

The Chords of south

The documentary “The Chords of South” is an experiential recording of labor in the community service programs of OAED in Volos. The main protagonists are the workers who participate in these programs and consequently the employees who work in the cleaning service of the Municipality. In the programs we find people affected by the financial crisis, middle-aged, long-term unemployed who are paid very little money compared to the permanent and non-permanent staff of the Municipality, while claiming contract renewal and permanent employment. With desperate short-term labor contracts subsidized by the European Union, the state tries to fill the gaps in employment and public needs. In other words: cheap consumable workforce for the country’s public services. Through tragicomic situations, we capture the neo-Greek of insecurity, toil and Piki Piki Ram.

Greece, 2022, 110 min.

Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

Writer: Nicholas Tsiamantanis

Director: Nicholas Tsiamantanis

Producer: Nicholas Tsiamantanis