2300 kilometres

2300 kilometres

We witness the long off-road racing adventure of Mert Becce and his co-pilot Sertaç Tatar competing in the Transanatolia Rally. Mehmet Becce is a former racer who has been in this industry since the 80s, and his son Mert carries the name of his family as a new racer. Although they appear to be supportive from the outside, the desire to win, the desire for success, and perfectionism that are inherent in racing have also infiltrated their relationship with themselves and with each other. While they fight for the same team in Turkey’s longest off-road race, we closely observe the bumpy relationship between the two. Will the 2,300-kilometer gap between father and son close similarly to this dangerous seven-day race?

Turkey, 2022, 60 min

Language: English, Italian, Turkish

Writer:  Mert Harmandar

Director: Mert Harmandar

Producer: Mert Harmandar