The Taste of Apples is Red

The Taste of Apples is Red

In the Druze mountain villages between Syria and Israel, Kamel, a respected sheik, must make an impossible decision between family and duty when his estranged brother returns to the Golan Heights after 47 years in exile. 

Israel, Germany , 2022, 83 min

Production: Anemos Productions , Match Factory Productions 

Language: Arabic 

Written by: Sol Goodman, Ehab Tarabieh 

Directed by: Ehab Tarabieh 

Producers: Sol Goodman, Jonathan Doweck, Viola Fügen, Michael Weber 

Cinematography by:  Yaniv Linton
Sound by: Yossi Applebaum, Moti Hefetz  
Cast: Makram J. Khoury, Tarik Kopty, Rula Blal, Hussien Rumiah, Maisa Abd Elhad