Palestinian student Tamer doesn’t meddle in politics; at the same time, the memory of his uncle, an activist physically broken by imprisonment, weighs heavily on his mind. He is attracted to a new classmate, the beautiful, spontaneous and politically engaged Maysaa’, the instant she appears; to impress her, Tamer drags along his buddies into Maysaa’’s “Operation: Flag”. This act of resistance will replace the school’s Israeli flag with the Palestinian flag on Israeli Independence Day, which is a day of mourning for Palestinians when they commemorate the ‘Nakba’ – the catastrophe. Under Mayssa’’s influence, Tamer’s political consciousness is sparked and he decides to participate in his first-ever demonstration.

Palestine, France, Qatar, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia 2022, 110 min 

Production:  MPM Film, Coproduction Company La Belle Affaire, Paprika Films, Philistine Films,

Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, Metafora Productions, Lacydon Bay Productions

Language: Arabic 

Screenwriters: Firas Khoury, Rasha Salti (Script Consultant) 

Director: Firas Khoury 

Producer: Marie-Pierre Macia

Cinematography: Frida Marzouk

Cast: Mahmood Bakri, Sereen Khass, Mohammad Karaki, Muhammad Abed Elrahman, Ahmad Zaghmouri