A young family lives in a mountainous area near a small lake. Their baby is sick. Nothing helps. The father prays to the gods, tying a ribbon near the sacred tree, and even invites Baksa to the house. Baksa discovers an evil spirit that takes away the vitality of a child. His battle with dark forces ends in defeat, and the exhausted Baksa leaves, leaving the helpless parents alone with their misfortune. At night, a desperate mother goes to the lake and prays to the great Umai Mother for help. The goddess of motherhood and the family hearth appears in the yurt with a stream of moonlight. And the fierce battle of good and evil begins for the life of a human child.

Director: D. Rakhmatullin
Produced: D. Rakhmatullin
Written: D. Rakhmatullin, A. Alimbaev