There is a casting is in the city, for all teenagers and children. No one suspects that a very strict woman, Roza Zhumabekovna is waiting for them, who is also one of the best actresses in the country, being a professional in her field, she checks everyone for strength, and most importantly gives almost impossible task – to cry in 10 seconds. Who will be able to resist it, and cope with such task?

Kazakhstan 2021
Director: Rustem Dastanuly
Operator: Rustem Dastanuly
Screenwriter: Rustem Dastanuly
Cast: Sholpan Aitibayeva, Aitgul Taumanova, Sultan Nurtileu, Sultan Nurdaulet, Orynbayeva Zhuldyz, Konakbai Yerkezhan, Kozayyr Akerke, Islam Adina Islamkyzy Serik Nurkhan, Seitkadyr Azhar, Kyrkymbai Aruzhan, Askar kyzy, Kumisbek Aslanbek, Moldatai Madiyar, Augustbek Ayana Zhandoskyzy, Altayeva Aruzhan, Saken Daria, Bekjapar Tolganai, Temirgali Saule