Brothers Zakir and Botir are the children of a poor family who live in a mountain village. One day the boys decide to roll downhill on a sledge they barely managed to buy. Suddenly they hear a moan. They find an old man in a semiconscious state in a cold house nearby. Zakir and Botir burn their new sledge to save the man. When the old man comes round in the heated house, the boys go back home satisfied that they did something good.

Uzbekistan 2021
Directed by Suhrob Qodirov
Written by Suhrob Qodirov
DoP: Nortoy Yo’ldoshev
Production Designer: Alisher To’laboyev
Composer: Ubaydulla Karimov
1AD: Dilshodbek Usmonov
Art Director: Shukhrat Rizayev