Galina remains absolutely alone and loses the meaning of life, after the death of her daughter. Unexpectedly, she finds the embodiment of her daughter in a prostitute, meeting her near the elevator of her house. She gets her phone number and calls her to home. Galina asks her to put on her dead daughter’s clothes. In a conversation in the kitchen, Galina finds out that the girl plans to leave the country tomorrow. 2021 MIFF, 2021 Busho, 2021 El Gouna Film Festival (Golden Star for Best short film).

Russia 2021
Fiction, student
Directed by Andrey Natotsinsky
Screenwriter: Andrey Natotsinsky
Operator: Mikhail Pashkulsky
Producer: Andrey Natotsinsky
Cast: Tatiana Ryabokon, Victoria Sobol