Әке, ән айтып берейік пе?

Dad, would you like us to sing?

Bambo, despite her young age, understands everything that is happening around her. After being beaten by her father, her mother leaves for the city to the hospital. At night, a drunk father does not let his daughters sleep. In the morning, Bambo, noticing that the sisters are at school, and the father has already started drinking with his friend, and she immediately goes to play. At lunch, the children go home. Bambo also comes home, but realizes that there is nothing to eat at home, and the hungry girl goes to the house of her grandmothe. Grandmother was not at home. Then, when she returns home, she sees that her father has locked the door and fallen asleep. But when he wakes up, the father heats the stove and cooks bauyrsaks. This act awakens in the heart of little Bambo love for her father. Tashket International Film Festival 2021 (Uzbekistan) – Jury Award for Best Actor, Human Environment Care Film Festival 2021 (Canada), Women’s Film Festival – Demakijaz 2021 (Poland), Gimpo International Youth Film Festival 2021 (Korea), 12th Educational Film Festival – Edukino 2021 (Poland)

Kazakhstan 2021
Fiction, short film, operator
diploma project
Director and screenwriter: Aidana Bauyrzhankyzy
Operator: Yesenbek Mneikhan
Cast: Medina Kelisova, Eldana Kelisova, Tolganai Umirbek, Anuar Tleuzhanov