Кто спит в серебристо-сером

Who is Sleeping in Silver Grey


The story takes place in 1991. Ms. Cheng Die, a music teacher at the No. 2 Middle School in Dehai City, was born into unstable surroundings, a family characterized by both silence and chaos. She lived without her father for the first ten years of life,growing up with the constant sound of her mother’s weeping wails. Her grandmother Yang Zipei, a celebrity from the Shanghai French Concession Renaissance, taught Cheng Die how to play the piano at an early age. The piano became her solace, a reprieve from her fragile home life. 

Director: Liao Zhiao
Screenwriter: Liao Zhiao
Production: Enrui Shang, Yirong Zhu
DoP: Xiaosu Han
Cinematography: Andreas Thalhammer
Artist: Yu Shuyao