Бара Бара

Barah by Barah

India 2021

Sooraj, the last remaining death photographer at the burning banks of Manikarnika, is going through troubled times like old Kashi. The ancient town is being demolished to build modern beautified pathways. The death photographer is out of work because of the fancy smartphones with exquisite cameras. He stands at the crossroads – either he continues seeking dummies to click or he looks for greener pastures beyond the singed banks of Manikarnika to secure a better future for his family

Production: Amdavaad Pictures Last Joker Pictures
Scriptwriters: Gaurav Madan, Sunny Lahiri
Director: Gaurav Madan
Produced by Gaurav Madan, Sunny Lahiri, Jignesh Patel
DoP: Sunny Lahiri
Make-up Design: Anisha Bhowmick
Costume Design: Indu Sharma
Composer: Vineet Vashishtha