Provincial Dreamers

Provincial dreamers

Yakhya Kurbanovich, the owner of a rickety old house and the Little Paradise barber’s on the outskirts of a perpetually dust-covered provincial town in Central Asia, and his wife, Fatima Khanum, dream of finding a husband for their daughter, who has four first names: Rukhshona, Zemfira, Dunya and Sara. Such is the wonderful time we live in, when we have to be ready for anything… political correctness… tolerance… and idealism.

Tajikistan 2020
Written by Timur Zulfikarov, Rumi Shoazimov
Directed by Rumi Shoazimov
Produced by Nosir Rahmon
Dop: Sultan Sukiev
Music by Ikbol Zavkibekov
Sound by Shahriniso Yakovleva
Editor: Rumi Shoazimov
Production designer: Akmal Mirshakar
Cast: Aslanshah Rahmatullaev, Barohat Shukurova, Rafoat Shoazimova, Azam Andambekov, Sherali Abdulkaisov